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Welcome to the High School Health Suite
Cecily Dramm, School Nurse, 518 897 1454, FAX: 518 891 6813, drammcec@slcs.org

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New! Interval Health History Form for Athletes

Latest News, August 2018:
  • We have a new form for entrance to modified, JV, and Varsity sports (please see athletics website). This is an exciting new mandate because it allows for a more comprehensive understanding of your child's overall health. Safety for our student-athletes is our #1 goal.
  • Did you know that tampons and pads are available for our students free of charge while they are in school? Please stop by the nurse's office any time. 
  • I am available to sign health updates 8:30-2:30, Monday through Friday, starting July 30th, 2018. Please stop by Petrova Elementary. I am in Room 119. See all student-athletes very soon!