Saranac Lake High School LMC FAQ

What does LMC stand for?

  • LMC = Library Media Center!  It is called the Library Media Center because of all the different resources and tools we have to offer our patrons.  Students and staff utilize our print materials, personal computers, Chromebooks, laptops, iPad's SMART Boards, HD Cams, 360 Degree cams, VR Headsets, Lego Mindstorm Robots, Sphero Robots, digital cameras, video cameras, LCD projectors, Mp3 players, flash drives, DVD's, audio books, Playaway Audio books, and so on!

When is the LMC open?

  • The LMC is open until 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday unless otherwise announced/posted.  The LMC closes at 3:45 on Friday unless otherwise announced/posted.  The LMC is the central hub for Summer School too. Summer hours of operation tend to be 8:00-1:00 Monday-Thursday throughout July ending after Local and Regents exams in August.

 When can students visit the LMC during the school day?

  • Students visit from study hall by coming to the LMC before the final bell to start a class period. Students sign in so they are officially marked present for that period.  Study Hall monitors are sent our sign-in information via print and electronic methods. The LMC is closed very rarely to study hall visitation.  In those rare times, a limited number of students are still admitted to the LMC via a pre-signed pass from Mr. Putnam.  Almost always, the reduced amount of study hall students admitted to the LMC is due to having two or more classes scheduled in the main library and our lab spaces simultaneously. 
  • Teachers using the LMC for units and activities can also request reduced or restricted study hall and/or lunchtime flow whenever necessary to meet their specific class needs.  Also, teachers send students to the LMC from their classrooms at any time on a hall pass.  Library staff does everything possible to accommodate the needs of everyone!!!

How do students and staff find materials in the Library Media Center?

  •  Visit the LMC and search our online library catalog called OPALS.  Note the call number, title, and author of the book.  Be sure to look in the proper section of the library: fiction, non-fiction or reference.  Graphic novels, Adirondack collection, tall books, and new books are shelved separately and are clearly labeled with signs. 
  • One of the coolest features of OPALS is that anyone can search our catalog at any time anywhere with Internet access!  We also love how students and staff create online book reviews and assign star ratings! Our new items list is always ready to browse! Be sure to check out OPALS!

How many books are in the LMC?

  • 9,809!

How many books can students borrow at one time?

  • Students may borrow up to four books at any time. Special arrangements with Mr. Putnam are also possible for projects and other special needs.  The student loan period is two weeks with up to three renewals.

Does the LMC have access to ebooks?

  • Yes, we have 263 ebooks ranging from Fiction to Informational Texts to Reference to Professional Books!  We also like to help readers access more ebooks via Open Source avenues.  

Can students borrow DVDs and audio books?

  • Yes--students borrow DVDs overnight. Audio books are borrowed like regular books.

How many DVD's are available in the LMC?

  • 400!

Does the LMC subscribe to electronic databases?

  • Yes! Students and staff get a lot of use out of sources searched via EBSCO, GALE, PROQUEST, SIRS, WORLDBOOK ONLINE, and GO.GROLIER.  The best way to access these powerful search tools is by going to the Electronic Search area of our website!

Can electronic databases/encyclopedias be used away from school?  

  • Yes--in fact we have a web portal called SEARCH for SUCCESS.  This portal allows students and staff to search all of our resources after entering one username and password--available from Mr. Putnam. 

Can students and staff request books from other libraries?

  • Yes!  We enjoy borrowing additional copies and books we don't own from a variety of libraries. We borrow from all over Northern New York (from the Canadian Border south to Long Lake and from Ticonderoga westward to Oswego).  The libraries aren't limited to just public schools. We also borrow from public, college, and special collection libraries.  The typical loan period is 25 days.  The site we use is called DueNorth.  Check it out today to find great materials: 

What magazines and newspapers are available in the LMC?

  •  Tough budget times have reduced our magazines but we are still able to offer: 

How many computers are available in the LMC?

  •  The Main Library = 8 ByteSpeed Laptops, 25 Loaner Chromebooks, 30 Laptops, 26 iPad Mini's 
  • The LMC Lab = 25 State-of-the-art Laptops.
  • The LMC Makerspace = Access to all LMC Technology as well as many maker items such as Ultimaker and Makerbot 3D Printing, Matter and Form 3D Scanning, Makey Makey kits, and Little Bits, Sphero and Ollie Robots, etc.

What happens when students are being great LMC patrons?

  • Our students work as a positive team almost all of the time!  The LMC functions very well when students are supportive of each other and the library staff.  All of the rooms in our LMC are ready for the next busy class period when everyone is working together!

What happens if for some odd reason a student visiting during a study hall isn't following directions?

  • Students receive a warning from Mrs. Anderson or Mr. Putnam when they are being too disruptive or not following other LMC procedures. Students must return to study hall if their behavior does not improve.  In most cases, students return to the LMC the next school day and follow procedures like great members of our LMC team.  Students who argue with library staff while being warned, while being moved to another area of the library, or while being sent back to Study Hall are directed to Mrs. Peer's office. Student privileges are adjusted as Mrs. Peer, Mr. Putnam, and when necessary, Mr. Dann see fit.  The Library Media Center is the one of the busiest facilities in the North Country!  The SLHS LMC program supports both collaborative class experiences and student open-access.  Student behavior is a major key to our success!  We get the most out of our limited space when everyone does their best job!!!!!

What should I do if my question wasn't answered in this FAQ?

  • You have several options!

·   Stop by and see Mr. Putnam

·   Email Mr. Putnam:

·   Call the SLHS LMC directly: 518-897-1466

·   We even have an online contact page if you prefer that method:

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