Welcome to the place to find great ideas to explore in our LMC Makerspace!   There are also awesome projects that can be enjoyed away from school too!   Let's look at it like this SLHS....you will find great things to do when we are back together again as well as really cool things to explore between now and then!!  Be Well!  Be a Maker and share your ideas!


Great Resources for ALL SLHS Student & Staff Makers as well as "Makers in the Making"!

    Now is your turn to add things to our Maker site!  Some people don't think of themselves as Makers but most people actually are MAKERS!  All it takes to be a Maker is an interest in something and the willingness to explore that interest!  This is a point that we can forget sometimes when we focus only on the high-tech side of Making!  Many of you have been exploring all sorts of new things during our remote instruction time....share them!

    Please submit your favorite sites about what you make to be included here.  There are so many Maker ideas...share a resource that is great for the activities you enjoy!  

How?  Here's a form right here: