Saranac Lake High School PFO Meeting Minutes: 9/15/15 

In Attendance:

Seth Putnam                      Sandy Bandru

Terry Buckley                     Josh Dann

Tamara Peary                    Lynne Murphy

Amy Kohanski


Treasurer’s report shows we have a balance of $6,257.47.  We made $4,444 last year.  We need to see what is in the cash box.  Either Heather or L J have it from wrapping up raffle ticket sales in June.


Teacher Appreciation week is 5/2-5/6/16, with Teacher Appreciation Day being May 3rd.


We need to be present at key events.  These include:  freshmen orientation (5/17/16), the academic showcase, budget vote, 11/23 & 11/24 parent/teacher conferences, 12/21/15 winter concert.


The shoe drive was discussed at length.  We would like to coordinate it somehow with Earth Day for 4/22/16.  Terry has a contact at Adirondack Correctional she will contact about building the boxes for collection.  She will look up in past minutes the number of boxes decided on, as well as the dimensions.  Amy will discuss arranging pickup with North Star Industries as a community project.  Seth will call the company regarding pounds, etc.  Sandy will develop a list of procedures for the project.


We discussed what we would like to raise funds for.  Amy suggested the concession stand at Schroeter’s Field that has been discussed lately.   She will look further into this.


Sandy would like to get some guest speakers to present to kids (and their parents) who don’t plan to attend college.  We could do this in the spring.  Josh would like to get PFO involvement in presenting to students for mid-level certification jobs.  SUNY Canton has a lot of programs.  Josh would also like a PFO member to attend the poverty simulator presentation that takes place. 


This year we will hold our meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM


Lynne updated members on after prom party prep & upcoming fundraisers.  Sandy will get a check for $2,000 to present to the after from party from the PFO.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.                 



Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00 PM.

Submitted by Terry Buckley