College Information



1. Finalize the list of schools to which you plan to apply.

2. Know the application requirements of these schools (SAT's/ACT's, other tests they may require, essay, letters of recommendation, supplements).

3. Ask for letters of recommendation, usually from teachers of core subjects (English, Science, Math, Social Studies). You can ask for additional letters from non core teachers to add to the other letter/letters. It is proper etiquette to give teachers AT LEAST 2 WEEKS NOTICE. They are asked to write many letters and this gives them time to get organized and write the best letter for you.

4. If you apply online, please let us know in the Guidance Office where you have applied so we can send a transcript and other supporting materials as needed. Completed paper applications (essay, application fee, etc.) should be brought to the Guidance Office to be sent out.

5. File the FAFSA . Students and parents need a PIN # to file the FAFSA. Go to and apply. The PIN # acts as your electronic signature.

6. Let the Guidance Office know when you have been accepted to a school and what school you have decided to attend.

7. Pay your deposit for the school of your choice by May 1st.

College Entrance Testing:

Spring SAT Dates and Registration Deadlines:

Test Date Registration Deadline

May 2, 2015 (@SLHS) April 6, 2015

June 6, 2015 May 8, 2015

Spring ACT Date and Registration Deadlines:

Test Date Registration Deadline

June 13, 2015 (@SLHS) May 8, 2015 

Some of the very selective colleges may require up to 2 SAT Subject Tests (SAT II). For example, schools such as Cornell, Boston College, etc... These tests are given on the same test dates as the regular SAT. You can only take the regular SAT OR the subject tests on one test day. Students may take up to three subject tests in one sitting. Please know which tests you need for your Colleges/Universities of interest. Registration deadlines are coming up fast. If you need to take these tests, you must register as soon as possible. 

Consider registering online for both at: (SAT) (ACT)


SAT CODES: Test Center - 33-836/School Code 335-040

ACT CODES: Test Center - 160-550/School Code - 335-040